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Russ, Darcy, Nonsense

Episode 32: Just love each other


Music: WW by Greenroom, off the album: Connect

This week we soberly discuss:

  • serial indiscretionists
  • serial killers
  • breakfast cereals


Wed, February 10 2010 » Podcast

One Response

  1. tva February 12 2010 @ 12:12 pm

    Hey, Russell. LIAR!!!!!

    Feeling sorry for Darcy just now. This is, what, three podcasts in a row that he’s had to deal with TTC chat. That’s been a running topic for two weeks now since I can’t hide my anger about this pack of assholes. My walks around the city have been fantastic. I meant to bring this up on our podcast with the spitting TTC guy. What aim! Good to see that Darcy has usurped the “Soapbox” segment for his purposes now.

    Sorry to steal Darcy from you for the Tuesday record, but know this, Rooty Radio Nation, this is all part of my plan. It starts subtly by me moving Darcy’s record dates to the Tuesday. Then we get you guys off the beer more and more. Quality drops. Soon you try to book guests and I pull the thing that Leno pulled when he took over the Tonight Show and block your guests. Then I talk to your ISP, buy them out, and make your download fees exorbitant. Soon you will have no choice to fold and the TVA Podcast will live longer and stronger than ever. Know this, friends. You are the small-town downtown core, and I am the WalMart opening up a mere 1.3km away. Dominance is inevitable, and death will be quick and definitely assured!

    Okay, seriously, sorry about stealing Darcy on your record date. Won’t happen again.

    This episode was as good and consistent as Russ’ giggle after the ‘Court Reporter’ intro. Keep up the great work, guys!