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Russ, Darcy, Nonsense

Episode 17: What not to wash


This week:

  • Intro tribute: Wait Wait… Don’t Tell Me!
  • Russell emerges from his coma
  • Haggling for fabric
  • Home appliance repair
  • Russ promises to watch more TV

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Tue, October 20 2009 » Podcast

2 Responses

  1. Rob Paddock October 22 2009 @ 4:04 pm

    Russ, you look mean in those pics. I think you should do the fitness test in your toga. I could probably give you some material for your “Court Reporter” segments. Juicy ones too. Keep up the shows. Later.

  2. tva October 25 2009 @ 5:21 pm

    Oh, this is soooooo close. Take out yet another cat genie story, and this is the best episode yet. And here I thought the whole CG theme was a Russ creation. Nope. ‘Tis Producer Darcy. We’re having words next TVAP.

    I’ve got an old brick of an iPod that you’re welcome to. May need some light maintenance (Russ, pay a pro for this one) but you’re welcome to it.

    Oh, and as for Skype titsing out near the end. Darcy and I had the same issue when we did that. Seems Rogers knows when you’re having fun and attempts to put a stop to it.